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The Carters livin that good life :)

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Asian girl with albinism

Asian girl with albinism

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Christie Brown designs for Beyonce’s Mrs.Carter Show World Tour.

Ghanaian designer Ayisha Ayensu aka Christie Brown made the outfits for Beyonce’s world tour the Mrs. Carter Show. She worked with Illustrator Katrina Hernandez for the collection that has been described as timeless by fashion lovers. “The Mrs. Carter Show” World Tour, kicked off in Serbia in April 2013 and traveled through Europe, North America, South America and Australia, we saw thrilling performances from Queen Bey, listened and sang along to songs we’ve come to know and love and saw gorgeous Ghanaian pieces.

Collaborating with Katrina Hernandez of Illustration by KH, they created outfits that featured a mix of colourful prints in peplum fashion. The pieces were inspired by the Dure collection by Christie Brown.

Speaking on the collaboration, Katrina said “Working with the design team at Christie Brown for Beyoncé the Mrs.Carter World Tour was an absolute dream come true! #beyonce #mrscartershow #christiebrown
#ghanianfashion #mcwt #christiebrown #fashion #illustration #design #collaboration

The look for the Mrs.Carter show inspired by the #dure collection! Sketch by the amazing Katrina Hernandez @illustrationsbykh #christiebrown #beyonce #mrscartershow #mcwt #mrscarterdancers @mrscartersdancers

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I honestly did not care for the guy with the ponytail, but i see why he won. Also does anyone think that mama in the white looks slightly like Naomi.

still don’t think ponytail shoulda won

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